How To Finally Find Food Freedom And Beat Binge Eating Even If You Have Tried Everything Before

How To Finally Find Food Freedom


Beat Binge Eating Even If You Have Tried Everything Before

With my Food Freedom Mastery Programme for Binge Eaters, Yo-Yo Dieters and Emotional Eaters who finally want to take control of their relationship with food for good.

I’ve spent the last 3 years of my life working with clients, helping them overcome addictive eating, food obsession and body insecurities through my own system called The BREAKFREE Coaching Method

I’ve trained and studied with some of the leading experts in their fields in order to facilitate the greatest level of transformation and freedom possible for everyone I work with.

There is nothing I love more than helping a client open their eyes to what is really going on underneath their addictive eating and then giving them the tools to change it.

Giving them hope that change is possible, even if they never experienced it yet.

Helping them see their own strength and inner power.

Who is it for?

The Food Freedom Mastery Programme is for those who accept they cannot "fix" their relationship with food (and their emotions), overnight, and know they need support from experts and people like them who are on the same journey.

Someone knows their emotions are affecting how they eat but can’t seem to stop.

Is sick and tired of measuring and tracking food but at the same time doesn’t trust themselves if they don't.

Is exhausted with trying over again every Monday, before a holiday, special occasion or every New Year.

They want to find peace with food where they can enjoy what their eating without the stress, anxiety or Inner Critic telling them they made the wrong choice.

Wants to stop hiding themselves, physically and metaphorically.

Who has a hunger for more out of life.

Who knows their food struggles are holding them back in life, business and her career.

They are fed up of standing on the scale every morning allowing it dictate how your day goes.

They are fed up of feeling out of control with food.

They are prepared to do whatever it takes to leave the ‘binge eater’ label behind them.

They are ready to change their mindset around food.

What is it?

When you sign up to most self guided programmes, it is like joining a gym.

You go along and see the other people in the gym, in our case, the other members in our online communities, but ultimately, you are there to get your head down and do your workout on your own.

And for many people this is all they want or need to complete their programme successfully.

But for some people, they prefer the idea of working out with other people and benefitting from the experience and expertise of an instructor, so they go along to gym classes.

Our version of this is the Food Freedom Mastery Programme.

You join a more intimate online group where you get to work closely with our expert coaches to delve deeper into the best techniques and practises to accelerate your journey to being Binge Free and Finding Food Freedom.

We focus on 3 main areas which, when addressed, help you move away from food obsession, weight obsession, over eating and binging.

Firstly we focus on improving your relationship with food and your body through shifting your mindset and beliefs.

Secondly we look to improve and support your emotional and psychological health when it comes to food and body image so that food becomes just food and you no longer have the same triggers as before.

Thirdly we look at you from a holistic point of view, helping you identify who you really are and what you really want.

Food issues are symptomatic so this is key for moving forward (and the reason why no amount of dieting or restricting will ever make you happy).

What do I get?

Coach-Led Live Training/Q&A Video Calls

We host several zoom catch-ups each week so that you can connect online with your coach and members to give you that extra support and accountability – this is where the magic happens.

We also have Weekly Training Calls plus a monthly guest speaker

Accountability Check-ins

I am actively involved, alongside the other support crew and community members, inside the WhatsApp group and within the app to support you through the successes and setbacks.

There are daily accountability checks and chances to get questions answered from directly within the app

Each week there is a Weekly Check In form to complete.

Coaching Resources

We have curated a Vault of resources and materials inside the Online Portal for you to use, learn from and action on your Binge Free journey.

There is also a Curriculum that is published twice a year showing what we are going to cover.

Monthly Book Club/Podcast

I host a monthly Zoom book club to chat about an inspirational book or podcast to support your learning on your journey of self development and discovery

Community Support

Your fellow community members and my support team are always there to offer friendly encouragement and support in the WhatsApp groups and zoom catch-ups

App-Based Programmes

Inside our own mobile App you will have direct access to me and have Daily Accountability and Journaling

Plus access to a range of self guided programmes covering topics such as...

  • Mindfullness,

  • Meditation,

  • How To Hydrate Properly,

  • Bullet Proof Gut,

  • Improve Your Sleep,

  • Stop Snacking

  • Reducing your Stress

  • ...and many more.

Plus access to recipe packs, work outs and other tools to help you on your journey to lifestyle change.

Positivity Power-Ups

We have regular lifestyle “soundbites” to support your awareness around all of the positive aspects of being binge free and finding food freedom

Sign up for the Programme and get daily guidance, support and expert advice to transform your relationship with food for good.

How will it help me?

Imagine for a minute, what it would feel like to ‘figure it all out’ – to experience a shift so powerful is leaves you changed forever.

Where you feel calm when eating instead of feeling a knot in your stomach and tightness in your chest (hello anxiety).

Where you know how to deal with your emotions rather than turn to sugary snacks to pick you up or comfort you.

Where you trust yourself and your body with food rather than losing control whenever you are given half a chance.

Where you can’t remember the last time you binged as food is just food now.

How do I access all this stuff?

The community is accessed via an Online Portal, you will also receive a log in to the mobile app and get invited to the Private WhatsApp group and Facebook Group.

The group training and Q&A's will be on Zoom with replays available inside the portal.

How much is it?

The investment in the programme is £100* per month or you can save £300 and make one payment of £900 for 1 years membership plus get some cool bonuses including 1-2-1 calls.

Payment options

Option 1

£1200 £900 - That's 25% off!

Plus payable via 4 Instalments via Clearpay

Option 2


* Minimum membership is 3 months










You are free to live your life without always thinking about what you should eat, what you could eat, what you might eat and what you just ate.

All that emotional energy can be used in other areas like HAVING FUN and LIVING YOUR LIFE!

You are able to eat what you like without needing to avoid your favourite foods because they no longer trigger binges.

Food loses it’s power over you.

You’re no longer fighting an exhausting and frustrating battle with your body.


And without trying, food just becomes…….easy.

Frequently Asked Questions - Because I Give A FAQ ;)

How Does The Programme Work

We’ve designed this programme to help people achieve different things around their relationship with food.

The programme is designed to run for a minimum of 12 months as this is the right length of time we feel clients need to make long lasting change and to fully find food freedom.

During the programme, we guide you on how to stay binge free and find food freedom, and we also provide a host of tools and resources for extra support.

The core education programme is based on our own system, BREAKFREE:

B - Break the Cycle: Recognise and break free from the cycle of binge eating, emotional eating, overeating, and yo-yo dieting.

R - Reclaim Control: Regain control of your eating habits and develop a healthier relationship with food.

E - Explore Triggers: Explore the triggers and underlying emotional issues that may be driving your overeating behaviours.

A - Adopt Mindful Eating: Learn to eat mindfully, paying attention to your body's hunger and fullness cues.

K - Keep a Journal: Keep a journal to track your progress, emotions, and triggers, and identify patterns in your eating habits.

F - Find Support: Seek out support from friends, family, or your coach if needed.

R - Reconnect with Yourself: Reconnect with yourself and your body, and learn to listen to its needs.

E - Establish Healthy Habits: Establish healthy habits and routines that support your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

E - Embrace Self-Love: Cultivate self-love and acceptance, and celebrate your progress and achievements.

These pillars form a holistic approach for the best and longest-lasting results.

After you sign up for a programme, you’ll receive a welcome email containing links to Our members’ area, and invitation to book an onboarding call as well as instructions so you can set up your the mobile app.

Our Private WhatsApp Group and Online communities (also available in the members’ area).

All the bundle resources you get as part of the community will be available inside the Members Area as well as some items available only on the mobile app

Each day you’ll see something different, from guidance and inspiration to ideas, exercises, tips and tricks.

How long do I get access for?

You get access to the community, app and vault during your active membership.

As a bonus, you will get lifetime access to courses within the Training Portal.

Do I get lifetime access to the courses?


How long is membership

Your initial membership is for 3 months (unless you sign up for 12 Month offer), after that it's a rolling monthly commitment with a months notice to cancel.

How do I know it will work for me?

Having questions or concerns about your relationship with food isn’t a genetic thing (no matter what you have been told).

We’re not born that way—it’s something that builds up over time.

And it can be changed.

It’s harder for some than others, but it’s about rewriting neural pathways that keep you stuck in limiting patterns.

Big life changes aren’t made in one go—they happen gradually, by repeating positive behaviour over and over.

That’s why a large chunk of our programme is on how to build healthy, sustainable habits.

We have a stack of game-changing tips and tricks to share with you!

Psychologically, there are two other factors that make you more likely to succeed when you sign up.

First, external accountability: making a commitment to something outside yourself is often enough to keep you on track.

And second, paying your hard-earned cash for it, because that signals to your brain that you’re serious and makes you feel literally more invested.

Do I have to be on Facebook?

Not at all. Our community is also available inside it's own purpose built platform, that some members prefer as it’s completely secure and self-contained.

There are also WhatsApp groups as well if you prefer.

What happens if I mess up?

Let’s get something straight.

There is no ‘messing up’. At FFMC we adopt a growth mindset: every experience is a chance to learn and develop.

That’s what keeps us moving forward.

Sure, it means getting out of your comfort zone, but that’s how you learn!

And prioritising learning over comfort helps you to be more resilient, because you know that when you make a mistake (and we all do), you haven’t failed—you just haven’t succeeded yet.

That’s why we prefer to use words like ‘slip-up’, and ‘blip’. Having one binge (or even a few) while you’re inside the community doesn’t mean you have to start again—the important thing is to learn from it.

Taking a moment to reflect can be enough to help you put in a plan for next time.

In practical terms, what happens if you slip up is… nothing at all.

There’s no judgement from us or from other members. In fact, we highly recommend diving into the community, because you’ll hear so many similar experiences there.

Do I have to do something every day?

That’s entirely your call.

However if you want accountability and to get the best out of the programme I would suggest you complete the App every day which should take no more than 15 mins.

Some members like to read the emails and watch the video each day; others prefer to work through a week at once over the weekend.

The content varies, so there’s not always a task to do—sometimes it’s a thinking point, a conversation starter, or a motivational message.

Whatever it is, it’s always up to you what you do with it!

This is not a race!

Is the membership worth the price?

Well, of course we’re biased—but our clients definitely think so.

Using positive psychology and behaviour change science, we help people shift their mindset and habits around food.

Many of our members couldn’t imagine finding peace with food before.

For them, the permanent change in their relationship with food has been priceless.

Then there’s the incredible online community: the perfect accountability group.

There you can get inspired by other people’s stories, reach out for support, share tips and experiences, and more.

The community can be a key player in your success.

But how about this: plenty of our members find they save money through the process.

Binge Food isn’t cheap. So signing up can be a great way to spend less, because you won’t be buying junk food.

On average clients spend £10 per day (over £3600 per year) on Binge Food and the majority of our clients see a 90% drop in binges in the first month meaning that at the ned of the year they will have saved £3000.

That means it could actually work out easier on your pocket.

And that’s on top of other benefits like losing weight, better sleep, boosted energy, and a clearer head!

What if this isn't for me?

If after 90 days you are not feeling the benefit of the community, coaching, and support then you can request to cancel your membership with nothing more to pay.

Do I get 1-2-1 Coaching?

No, The program has been created by me and I give you everything I know and use with 1-2-1 clients.

You get plenty of opportunity to get to ask unlimited 1-2-1 questions in the Group Q&A's and within the mobile app.

But if you feel you need more support, there is an option to join Food Freedom Mastery Programme and upgrade to a full 1-2-1 support package at a discounted rate.

If you want to have a chat about it, send us an email and we can arrange to talk:

Got More Questions?

Book a free call HERE, or use the chat bubble on this page.

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